Friday, March 11, 2011

What do I love?

So once I had taken everything out of my closet and spread it all out in my room...I didn't know what to do next. How do I start putting it back in? What should go first - shoes, purses, pants, shirts?

I went and ate lunch. My sister called; we chatted. I clipped my fingernails.

Seriously, in the haze of this mess in my room, I completely removed myself and did the most menial things even though I knew I wanted it cleaned up before I went to bed.

But when I knew I couldn't put it off any longer, I started having a conversation with myself.

"What are you going to do with this mess?"
"I just don't know what the first step should be."
"Well, what do you like?"

And then it hit me. It was my Oprah moment.


I looked around the room.

What do I love here, I repeated again.

I surveyed the room again asking myself "Is there anything I love?" And then I found my Burberry trench. I set it aside. Then a couple of pairs of Marni shoes. Next, my H&M white linen pants and my Pauw top. I stepped back and looked again. I selected my beautiful grey wool Louboutins with the fur ball, the ones Rory gave me for Christmas a few years ago. My new Robert Clergerie's, my Etro coat and my dumpy black anthropologie sweater with the soft cotton lining that at the end of the day is comfort in a sweater. On it went, me just looking around room and choosing only those items that I really love to wear.

And when I was done selecting and piling, there before me was a very small pile of clothing that I actually love, a short stack of shoes, two hats instead of nine, four belts instead of fifteen or sixteen, seven purses instead of...

And very gently, I started putting back into my closet ONLY those things I love. Each piece got one of my best hangers and then I hung each item so I could see it clearly. It was like putting a baby to bed; every item was treated with great care.

I have to admit that when I went in my closet that night to get ready for bed, the shock of my stark closet made me feel...lonely! But then I slept oh so soundly.

The rest of the stuff? The middle stuff? The clothes that I don't love but might need?
Right now they are in another room. I am waiting to see what I actually miss. Did I forget something? The answer so far is no.


  1. You're a good writer.
    And this is seriously inspiring me to CLEAN OUT MY CLOSET!!

  2. I am so glad you kept your Easter hat!! Love that hat!


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