Friday, March 11, 2011


Pulling EVERYTHING out of my closet made a few things crystal clear...
First, why was I storing things like the optional floral purse lining to the Kate Spade purse I had gotten rid of years ago? There were things in my closet I simply wasn't seeing anymore and the physical act of removing them made me finally acknowledge them....and get rid of them!
Second, while removing it all, the junk stuck out like a sore thumb! And so, quite easily, three large garbage bags later, I was pounds lighter (if only losing weight took twenty minutes).

Now my girls will go through those three bags and pull the items they want to sell at Buffalo Exchange (don't even get me started on second hand stores - I just can't do it! What if someone died in that yellow dress you buy from a "vintage" store - yuck!)
Then the rest will go to Salvation army and to make myself feel better I picture someone finding that floral Kate Spade lining and creating the most amazing use for it! Why I dream of creative second-handers but can't do it myself is something I am not ready to face...that will be my next overhaul.

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