Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tim Bavington's Art Show

Kim, an artist, the owner of Art Camp for Kids, and the featured artist's wife

Tim, the featured artist, and the woman with the green scarf.
Tim is an internationally known artist who happens to live in Las Vegas. His art is featured throughout the country and is even in the MOMA. Check out his art - each piece represents the sounds waves of a song. The picture behind his wife (above) is one of his works.

Local photographer and artist, Michelle Recine and Deb Newman respectively


  1. Each of the people, featured in the photos, have amazing shoes. I especially like Kim's shoes because of the way she incoporates it with her high wasted band skirt.

  2. Tim what? he's featured at the MOMA?! that's rad. i was literally in the MOMA for 10 hours straight and didn't even realize it. it's such a cool place.

    Josh Mojica


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