Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cal Berkeley Campus

Berkeley Generations

Berkeley Stadium

Berkeley sidewalk graffiti

Campus Buildings

Berkeley Library, Reading Room


Sproul Plaza
(Sexy, Fierce, Strong)

Sather Gate


  1. The campus is absolutely beautiful. Even though this is a fashion blog, I think our environment can really shape our style, so this is a nice look at fashion. I especially enjoyed the generations of Berkeley :)

  2. I enjoyed the shot of the man with the trumpet. Great pictures of Berkeley! :)

  3. I've been to Berkeley too. It was a small town and very pretty and nice.

  4. This place has alot of culture. The berkeley generations stands out alone. this historical and prestigious colleges attracts many students

  5. i think that the sidewalk graffiti is a nice and cool way to get peoples attention about a problem. I also like the car that says CAL on it, that is a unique way to show pride in your school. - Justin Rittenhouse

  6. Berkeley is such a beautiful campus. I'd love to go there for music!

  7. It's Lara from Eng232 at 11AM. Is it too late to get extra credit? Haha, just kidding. When you said "Blog" in class, I pretty much expected a typical "life" blog or advice column (not that I feel that you are the kind of person to write about such things but that's what most blogs end up writing about). I am pretty surprised as I'm going through the actual page that they're photography; that's pretty cool.

    I like how you actually take photographs of campus diversity through fashion because it is very much true. Clothes these days are pretty eccentric. However, this post reminded me that I should visit colleges and take in the college experience deeply. College is a subculture in itself I think. Obviously, the picture that struck me the most was the one about Hep B. that was pretty powerful.

    Anyways, see you in class at 11 (:

  8. Great pictures Cindy! What a beautiful place. I think BYU could do for a little Cal Berkeley style and class!

    Congrats to Savannah, she'll be GREAT!

  9. Hey Lib,
    You totally add that style to BYU! And thanks :)


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