Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Shoes...

My first purchase in a couple of months...these Robert Clergerie shoes I have been eyeing for a while. They are by a French designer, of course, because they came in the most beautiful box with that lovely silk shoe bag. By the way, do you store your shoes in a shoe bag? I don't because I have to see my shoes to remember what I have so I tuck those bags away until I clean out my closet and slowly get rid of them. But this Robert Clergerie bag is one I will keep!

More and more I am trying to get myself to buy quality rather than quantity and one day I hope to clean out my closet to just the best 100 things I have including socks, jewelry, purses, hats, shoes, clothes - everything! I would like to believe I would rather have a few wonderful things in my closet than have many "snacks". Though I understand the value of stores like H&M and Anthropologie, they just don't seem to provide the sustenance my wardrobe needs. These shoes are sustenance!

Coat: Zara
Sweater: Vince
Pants: Michael Kors (bought at Off Fifth that were originally a flared leg but recently tailored them to the Audrey cut)
Scarf: Erderm (I seem to be in a Erdem scarf mood this week)
Purse: Tory Burch
Shoes: Robert Clergerie

1 comment:

  1. you bought those shoes?? JEALOUS!!

    you look cute as always:)


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