Saturday, June 19, 2010

More farm...

Chef Adam, winner of the salsa contest!

Laura, the owner

This spring we joined a CSA through Quail Hollow Farm and for the last few months have been able to pick up fresh vegetables and other farm food that is presented in a basket and that we pick up at Valley Wine and Cheese. Today was our first visit to the actual farm for their salsa contest.

Food takes on new meaning when you know you are eating REAL food straight from a farm. Lettuce has never had so much flavor and onions are no longer bitter but mild with a sweetness to them. We have also loved the beets, figs, honey, tomatoes, and really just about everything we have gotten from them. This week we are going to try their goat's milk and possibly eggs. Even their candles have a natural honey scent!

From the pictures, you can see the beauty of this farm.

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  1. Goats milk is THE best! Way better for you than cows milk.


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